Monday, April 20, 2009

Polo Horses Die in Florida

This morning I overheard on NPR radio that more than 20 Venezuelan horses died in Florida while -preparing for a competition today. `

The story is very sad and there are a lot questions of potential animal abuse and/or poisoning of the horses, as all of the horses were owned by the same team and were held in the same trailers.

The full text article can be found of -

While I'm not a major supporter of horses being used for sport, I have ridden them myself and understand how great and intelligent these "animals" are - They're like big giant dogs in my book. I've seen them cuddle their faces up to owners and show affection on many occasions.

If this was a poisoning for the sake of winning or pure abuse of the animals themselves by the owners through injection of steroids or a competing team trying to get a one up - investigators need to figure it out.

The atrocities cannot be kept in the dark and I hope to see some justice as this case is investigated.

Let me know your thought and if you know any more about the case.

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